what to expect

Whether you're a professional in need of a head shot or a family with young children, you can expect the same thing from a Sea Green Photography session. It will be relaxed, it will be fun, and if you have kids in tow, it certainly will be active. 

Your photo shoot will be personal. We will find a location and an activity that feels right for you. We will we get to know each other, and I'll encourage your family to interact. I may play on the ground with little ones, tell bad jokes, or nudge your reluctant teen into making eye contact with you. It's all about seeing who you are as individuals and as a family. I want to show who you are through your photographs; the only way I can do that is to learn who you are in person first.

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Family sessions last one hour. While we may take some posed photos, we will spend much of the time laughing and exploring

If you have very young children, feel free to bring non-messy snacks to keep them energized. Bring any item that will keep your child comfortable and engaged--a special blanket or stuffed animal, a small toy, even a stick or rock they picked up on the way.  Just remember that anything they hold will appear in the photos.

Be sure that all families members are dressed appropriately for the weather. If you'd like to bring a tote bag with extra layers, we can keep that handy and out of the frame.

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senior portraits

A senior portrait session last one hour. You may bring 2-3 outfits, but consider that you likely will need to change in an outdoor, public location. For example, consider changing only your shirt, shoes, and jewelry to create an entirely different look. Layers are a great idea to create different looks with minimal change time.

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head shots

As in my family and senior portraits, I prefer to use natural light for head shots. If weather permits, I enjoy shooting outdoors for a relaxed, casual feel. Otherwise, we can use window light indoors to create a flattering, professional portrait.

If you'd like to photograph more than one style of dress, consider layering, different jewelry selections, or bringing more than one shirt or tie.

Most head shot sessions take 20-30 minutes.